Amateur Radio 

I've been interested in Short Wave Listening and Amateur Radio since  I was about 12 . I took  the Radio Amateur Exam in  December 1966, but did not take out a licence until 1971 . My first callsign was GM8DIJ, which only allowed me to operate above 144MHz. I was keen to get onto 70MHz , so I took the morse test in 1974 . I'd been learning morse code on and off since 1965.

amateur radio certificate 

70MHz is still my favourite band, but I use all the bands from  50MHz to 2320MHz. I've also been keen on the 10GHz band ans used klystrons and Gunn Diode transmitters in the early days. I was on 10GHz  SSB  around 25years ago until quite recently .The G3WDG transverter modules I have  are worse for wear and need refurbished.

I'm also interested in antenna design and construction and have built quite a number successfully over the years. Needless to say I've had a lot of failures.

I''m alo keen on VHF contest operation, both at home and portable on  the hills .

I'm a member of the Second Class Operator's Club


LF Non-Directional Aircraft Beacons   

I've always been interested in looking for NDBs in the 300- 500KHz region , right from the beginning of my short wave listening. I lived near Prestwick Airport, which boasted 4 such beacons PWK, and the 3 marker beacons PW, PE and PN. The 3 markers have now gone. A lot of the others have gone too and it's only a matter of time until they all have.

The maritime beacons in the same part of the spectrum have now gone

Here is a list  of some I've heard from here, including the defunct ones. I've taken some photos of ones I've
visited . The photo gallery is here.